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1925 Steinway Model M

Lustrous Mahogany

Gorgeously restored Steinway from the Golden Age of piano manufacturing. This instrument has a superior clarity of tone. New hammers and shanks. New strings. New dampers. Meticulously regulated and voiced. It is ready to fill your home with the distinctive richness of Steinway tone. The cabinet has been beautifully restored with a lustrous, hand-rubbed mahogany finish.

This lovely Steinway was the house piano at the historic Mary’s Lake Lodge in Estes Park, Colorado.


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beautiful refinished mahogany steinway grand piano
Ornate 1899 Steinway Upright Piano in black

1899 Steinway Model I

Satin Luster Ebony

Ornate Grecian style Steinway upright with a presence and sound equivalent to a grand piano. This instrument has been meticulously restored to bring back the beauty of the Doric columns and intricate details throughout the cabinet of this Concert Upright Grand. Model I pianos have a much larger sound than other uprights as the soundboard and strings are equivalent in size to those of grand pianos.


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1906 Steinway “Josef Lhevinne” Model A 

Special Edition in Ribbon Mahogany

This was the rehearsal piano provided by Steinway & Sons to the immortal Josef Lhevinne, one of the greatest pianists of all time, when he was performing in Denver in 1907. The piano was delivered to his hotel room, so that he could rehearse in peace and quiet. Just a week prior, he had played a command performance for President Roosevelt. The piano is signed and dated by him, making it extremely rare. Newspaper articles and memorabilia accompany the piano.

“His tone was like the morning stars singing together, his technique was flawless even if measured against the fingers of Hofmann and Rachmaninoff, and his musicianship was sensitive.”

Enjoy this extremely rare opportunity to own and play the very keys played by the great master.


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Elegant Steinway Grand Piano
Refinished ebony Steinway Model O grand piano

1917 Steinway Model O, Author Armstrong Sperry

Satin Luster Ebony

This was the personal piano of award-winning author and illustrator Armstrong Sperry. Mr Sperry won the Newberry Medal in 1941 for his book Call it Courage. He wrote and illustrated some 25 books, and illustrated dozens more. One of his most famous illustrations was the cover for the first edition of Tarzan and the Lost Empire, by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1929.

New pinblock, new strings, new damper felts. New Steinway hammers and shanks. Warm, rich tone. Carefully regulated and voiced.


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Steinert Grand Piano

Lustrous Mahogany

The Steinerts of Boston were close friends of the Steinway family, and they were also one of the leading Steinway dealers of the era. Interestingly, they also manufactured their own brand of pianos, and the Steinways not only didn’t mind, but apparently were happy for them to copy many of the unique features of Steinways. The result is that Steinert pianos enjoy a particularly fine reputation as “the Boston Steinways”. 

Meticulously restored lustrous hand-rubbed mahogany finish. 


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Steinert grand piano refinished lustrous mahogany

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